International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER) accept paper from engineering, management, science, technology, business, health science, medical science, pharmacy, Biotechnology, material science and other research area in the form of review paper, final paper, thesis, research article or case studies. Submitted paper is reviewed within 24 hours after submission and published online within 4 hours with DOI after receiving publication fees and copyright form.


1- Author submit paper/ research article in word format through link provided on home page of site or e-mail at editor@ijwer.com

2- After submitting paper-id is sent to author and paper is send to editorial board for pre-screening

3- If editorial board accepts paper then two reviewers is assigning to review the paper. Which are unknown to each other and give his comment on paper (accepted, rejected or modify and re-submit).

4- If paper is accepted by the reviewer then letter of acceptance sent to the author from editorial office

5- Author has to send us copyright agreement along with payment details within a given time limit.

6- After completing all the process by author paper/article is published online in respective volume/issue and same is mailed to author with certificate of publication.

7- For any query or delay from author side, author can contact us at editor@ijwer.com


Article that have been submitted and accepted for review but which have not been formally published and will not yet have the complete volume/issue/page information and that violate our journal publishing policies in the view of the editors (such as plagiarism, multiple submission, bogus claims of authorship, fraudulent use of ideas or data of others), may be “Withdrawn” from International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER)

International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER) avoid unwarranted withdrawal of manuscripts. In such case International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER) defines refund policy keeping in mind the cause the time waste by the reviewers, editors and the editorial staff.

  •  Authors should follow the publication ethics. Visit publication policies.
  •  Author should keep patience. Paper can review within 24-48 hours after accepted and published online within 4 hour after receiving publication fees and copyright form..
  •  The author can withdraw the paper without paying any withdrawal fees, if the author(s) requests a withdrawal of paper, within 4 hours of submission or before it is accepted for review process.
  • Refunds/Cancellations: Publication Fees of the research article will be credited in Authors bank account in 5-7 working day, if paper is not published on website or author withdraw the paper before publication
  •  Withdraw a manuscript from a journal because it is being accepted by another journal is unacceptable.
  •  Authors should carefully check the data and facts before submitting the manuscript
  •  Information, data and facts presented in the manuscripts are accurate and error-free.
  •  All authors include corresponding and co authors should confirm the number of authors, authorship, approval and integrity of the manuscript before submission.
  •  Changes or correction is not allowed once paper is published online. Author should pay extra charges as per correction.
  •  Paper cannot be withdrawn after the peer review process or published online and the article publication charges, if paid by the authors, will not be refunded.
  •  International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER) Editorial Board will provide author a formal letter of Manuscript Withdrawal.
  •  Paper should be related to stream or branch of the All author, At any stage of review or after publish it is found no relationship between author branch and Study conducted, Journal has rights to withdraw or reject that paper.


Copyright policies are legal documents that specify who retains the right to use and distribute an original work. After submitting paper, authors are asked to submit copyright agreement to abide by an open access (CC-BY NC-ND). Under the terms of this agreement, authors retain ownership of the copyright of their articles. However, this agreement permits any user to reuse, download, print, extract, archive, and distribute the article, so long as appropriate credit is given to the authors and the source of the research work. The agreement ensures that the paper will be available as widely as possible and that the paper can be included in any International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER) archive.

List of author rights in copyright policy:

  •  In future research work reuse idea or data of the paper .
  •  Reproduce copies of the article for academic, coaching or teaching purposes.
  •  Use the published version of the article in presentations (conferences, seminars, etc.).
  •  Grant permission to others to use or re-use table or figure.

List of all rights author(s) are granting to International Journal Of Worldwide Engineering Research (IJWER):

  •  Reproduce, publish, distribute, edit and translate the work (specify either exclusively or non-exclusively).
  •  Adapt and create derivatives from the work.
  •  Make the article available in all forms and media (so article can be made available with any new technology).
  •  Enforce copyright on behalf of the author.
  •  Similarly to the author rights section, you’ll want to make the rights you expect the author(s) to grant to the journal explicit to avoid any confusion.


  • Expectations of the author(s) or warranties that the author(s) must make with regard to the nature of the submission. The author(s) to acknowledge:
  •  Originality of the submission - author(s) guarantee it is their original work.
  •  Work has not been previously published and/or is not being considered for publication at other journals.
  •  All material and information from third parties is cited in the manuscript.
  •  Permission has been obtained for any material used from other sources.
  •  Authors should ensure that the study under consideration is original and does not contain plagiarized content.
  •  Author of the paper will be responsible if they just rewrite others content or change the title of other published paper.
  • For any further information contact us at editor@ijwer.com or Contact Us